Dreams Of A Near-Death Experience

Dreams Of A Near-Death Experience

Near-death experiences in a dream has profound connotations as it is not the type of dream to be taken with levity. This type of dream has both negative and positive underlying meanings. A near-death experience in a dream could mean various things, it could mean having a close-call with death, reverting to things of the past, being given a new-lease of life, etc.

A near-death dream experience certainly depicts having a close-call with death. This does not mean you will die or anything of that sort, it probably means a near-death experience is coming your way but you will survive. Such dream prepares you for what is to come as it wasn’t designed to scare you. Some people actually die in their dream and eventually come back to life. This simply means you have a long-way to go in life and it is usually a sign of long-life.

Having a near-death dream experience could

Backsliding could be another way to interpret this dream as it is not devoid of such meaning. Having a near-death experience might mean you’ve begun reverting to the dirty habits of your past. It could be some form of warning or premonition of things that could happen if you dare return to your old ways. Backsliding isn’t a good thing as you could end up worse than you were. There are various ways you could be backsliding, as you could backslide health-wise, spiritually, emotionally, etc.

Having a near-death dream experience could mean you are battling with some inner demons. It could be your health, your finances, your spirituality, your relationship, etc. One of these things could spell danger as they could actually cause you some serious damage in real-life if not properly addressed. If in your near-death dream, you were really struggling, it means you’d have to be prepared as the things ravaging your health, finances, spirituality, etc, are really tough and won’t leave you unless you engage them in a battle.

This type of dream definitely has

A near-death dream experience might mean someone close need assistance. They might be a close family member, a friend, colleague but such dream might actually be about such person. This person definitely needs your help in gaining his/her freedom and you might keep having such dreams unless you helped that person. It might be spiritual help, emotional help, or such person might even need counseling.

This type of dream definitely has spiritual connotations and you need to seek spiritual guidance. It might mean you are being attacked in the spirit and someone has made it his/her mission to making sure that you do not survive such attack. The mere fact that you had such dream means you need to take your spirituality seriously. There is a saying that the spiritual controls the physical therefore before any physical harm is done to you, seek some spiritual guidance. Many people simply ignore such dreams and pass them as normal, only to begin having physical difficulties in their doings.

Dreams Of A Near-Death Experience

Another meaning that could be associated with a near-death dream experience is having a new-lease of life. This dream depicts that there are certain things in your life that has been written-off as dead. In your place of work, you might have been written-off, also, socially, financially, and academically too. This dream means you’ve been given a fresh start and a new beginning. Those who left you for dead will begin to see you shine and you shall emerge beyond their wildest imagination.

This dream can also mean you need to let go of the things of the past you’re holding on to. It might be a bad-habit, a grudge, or anything that might deter you from reaching greater heights. You need to let go of such things before you can progress in life as holding on to such things will only bring you pain, sorrow and keep you from moving forward. Many people say in their near-death dream experience they were almost choked to death, if such is the case with you, it simply shows you need to purge yourself and get rid of the many things holding you down.

Dreams are bound to have meanings and a near-death dream experience depicts that a number of things is afoot in your life. This dream could be a portal connecting you to things you couldn’t see with your physical eyes. It could be your subconscious telling you what to do and how to go about life, as such, the possibilities are endless.