Dreams about a handicap

Dreams about a handicap

A handicap is a circumstance that impedes your success or progress in a given task or activity. It could also mean a condition where a part of your body or mind has been damaged permanently or works abnormally. You can have various dreams about the different types of disability and each has a specific meaning or impact. This includes dreams on the physically handicapped like the deaf, the blind, the dumb or the crippled. It could also involve the mentally challenged, the autistic, the dyslexic or albinos.

Dreaming about being blind could mean that you have ignored some important things in life. A blind person can be harmed because they don’t see what goes on around them and only rely on assistance to move. Similarly, dreaming that you are blind could be an indication that you have not understood a certain situation well and only rely on what others tell you before deciding. This could be dangerous to you in situations where those you trust are out to harm you. Such a dream could also mean that you do not care what happens around you because you trust your abilities.

A dream about being dumb or

You may dream that you are deaf which means you do not listen to the opinion of others or their advice. This can imply that you are arrogant and you believe that you know everything, therefore you ignore what others say. Such a dream could bring destruction or misunderstandings if what you did caused problems and you will carry the blame of getting destroyed because of your pride. Dreaming about a deaf person who is successful could mean that it is beneficial to not listen to what others say and listen to your heart.

A dream about being dumb or meeting a dumb person could be an emphasis on the importance of doing more than you say. On the positive side, it could show how actions represent your words, the benefit of avoiding people who talk more but act less and show the trust you have in your ability. Negatively, it could mean that your inability to speak up will cause people to disrespect you and your ideas. In such a case, the best solution is learning to express your ideas so that your enemies do not get a chance to doubt your capabilities.

Dreaming about being mentally handicapped implies

You can have a dream about a cripple who does not walk being disrespected or pushed around by others. This dream means that your inability to take a step ahead is bothering those behind you and the only way they will move is by stepping on you. It should therefore help you realize the things that affect your improvement and rectify them. Dreaming about a successful cripple could mean that the speed of your movements does not have a negative effect on your success. Such a dream means that your honesty and accuracy will determine the success of your plans.

Dreaming about being mentally handicapped implies that your way of thinking is dangerous or too simple. People with mental problems may not understand the difference between right and wrong which means they will make mistakes often. Dreaming that you are one of them could mean that your way of thinking is harmful to you or those you are acquainted with. It could therefore help you to learn how to distinguish people. Dreams about about a mentally challenged person could be beneficial they teach you how to appreciate your ability to make rational decisions.

Dreams about a handicap

Dreaming that you are dyslexic could mean that you take longer than usual to understand people or situations. This dream could imply that your thoughts are slow and others will always finish tasks before you. It could mean that you get confused when you encounter many problems and will need to accept your disadvantage in pace before tackling any challenges. Such a dream teaches you to accept your weaknesses, try ending them or seek help when you cannot go on.

Dreaming that you are autistic is an indication that you are nervous around people and cannot present your ideas before them. This dream could mean that you are not comfortable in your current environment and may end up repeating your mistakes due to being stressed or unsettled. Such a dream could be a warning that your constant nervousness will cause misunderstandings in your life because you may turn violent if not understood.

People may dream about several disabilities such as blindness, autism, dyslexia, inability to speak, inability to walk or hearing problems. You should try to understand what each dream means, how to avoid the difficulties that it brings and how to help those with the problem in real life.