Dream meaning of a cabbage

Dream meaning of a cabbage

Dreaming of cabbage is among of the common dream which might happen to anyone. This dream might suggest various meanings depending on the feelings of a dreamer and so on. In this dream you might see yourself mixing chemicals in the laboratory or seeing someone else doing this. The meaning will vary from one person to another. These different meanings of seeing a cabbage in a dream have been analyzed in the following paragraphs.

A dream of eating cabbage might mean that; you take a lot of time doing unimportant things. This dream reminds you to reflect whether this habit is doing good for you or not. Eating cabbage in a dream suggests a tendency to take things seriously. If you have been spending much time doing petty things, it is a right to change the paradigm. Sometimes people waste their limited time doing things which cause many regrets in their lives. Dreaming of being eaten a cabbage is a sure sign that; you are spending time in unnecessary things.

Dream of seeing someone else eating

To dream of eating a cabbage might indicate that; your struggles will bring relief for your life. This dream indicates you to be a person who thrives from life challenges and struggles. Everyone is struggling with some difficulties in life and this doesn’t guarantee success after the struggles. Fortunately, this dream might suggest that; you have been working hard to achieve a particular purpose, and your efforts are going to succeed. Therefore, you should be able to keep making some determined efforts in what you are facing. In other words, you can say “after the struggles to come relief.”

Dream of seeing someone else eating cabbages might suggest success of one of your relatives. This success comes after a period of hardship and challenges. You should be happy for them because they are about to experience joy and relief. During this dream you might feel free and a sense of relief. Although if you feel bad after seeing someone else eating a cabbage, this often means you have been jealous of someone’s success. Make a self-analysis to see whether you feel bad toward other’s success. There is no point in being jealous of someone’s success because by doing this you are affecting yourself negatively.

Alternatively, to dream of being in

However, this dream might mean that; you will face some challenges when trying to achieve success. Difficulties might rise on your way in various forms but you will eventually succeed if you persist. This doesn’t make this dream bad, it is a good dream as it helps you to quickly prepare for anything and have patience because you believe you are going to succeed in the end.

Alternatively, to dream of being in a large cabbage plantation, might suggest multiple meanings. Firstly, it might suggest that; you need to connect with mother nature so that you become in touch with it. This dream might happen because you have been busy working in the offices forgetting to spend some quality time with nature. Nature has a wonderful way of renewing your physical and mental health. Take care of yourself by visiting to some natural areas like mountains and valleys.

Dream meaning of a cabbage

In addition to this, you might have been neglecting vegetables and fruits which are the most essential parts of a diet. You may have done this by eating a lot of junk foods which are bad for your health. Your subconscious mind is reminding you to eat fresh diet which will build your health condition strongly. Human lives are filled with many changes which cause most of the people ignoring natural foods like vegetables and fruits. To dream of being surrounded by cabbages in a farm recalls you to eat fresh diet.

This dream meaning may vary from one person to another because people are different. For instance, if you are a vegetarian and you had a dream seeing yourself surrounded by many cabbages, it rarely means you are reminded of eating vegetables and fruits. On the other side, this dream might mean differently basing on the feelings, age of a person and gender.

Therefore, dream of seeing a cabbage has multiple interpretations as it has been shown in the above paragraphs. Finally, you should remember that; feelings are crucial elements in understanding the dream meaning. For instance, you experienced a feeling of anxiety while you were on the large cabbage’s plantation, this suggests a warning or a negative meaning and vice versa.